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Italian Bread Stromboli

Friday night is always pizza night at my house.  My kids look forward to eating their favorite food, and I look forward to a quick and easy supper.  This week as I was grocery shopping, I saw that stromboli was buy one, get one free at Giant.  I was very tempted to buy them.  However, another Friday night tradition is my children helping me make the pizza.  They would be very disappointed if the stromboli was already prepared.  I wondered if we could make a stromboli ourselves.

Several years ago, I attempted a stromboli.  I bought pizza dough and rolled it out.  Unfortunately, at that point, I didn’t know to flour the counter, and it stuck all over.  My stromboli had lots of holes in it, and it didn’t crisp up in the oven.  It was a total fail, and I vowed never to make stromboli again.

As I walked up and down the aisles at Giant, I couldn’t get the stromboli out of my head.  I wondered if there was an easier way to make one.  Then, I got to the bakery.  I saw a big loaf of Italian bread and wondered if it would work in place of the dough.  I decided to buy it and see how it would work.  Since I did my grocery shopping on Saturday, and I wasn’t going to be making the Italian Bread Stromboli until Friday, I popped it in the freezer.  Thursday night I removed the bread from the freezer and let it thaw.

How to Make Italian Bread Stromboli

When we got home from school Friday night, my kids were eager to start the new recipe.  I cut the Italian bread in half, and they hollowed out the bottom.

Miss M was in charge of the cheese, and J was in charge of the ham.  They took turns adding layers to the bread.  Today we just used meat and cheese, but next time I want to add some veggies.  Mushrooms and peppers would be yummy!

Next, we replaced the top, and I cut some slits across the bread.  The kids had fun brushing melted butter over it and sprinkling it with Italian seasoning.  We popped it in the 400 degree oven for 20 minutes, and it came out golden brown – exactly the way I wanted it.

I was a little bit worried that the stromboli would fall apart since there wasn’t any dough on the side.  I let it cool for about five minutes so the cheese wouldn’t run out when I cut it.  When I finally cut into it, the cheese held everything together.  After warming up a little bit of marinara sauce, the stromboli was ready to eat.  We served it with some broccoli and cucumbers, since there weren’t any veggies inside.

One bite was all we needed to unanimously agree that this Italian Bread Stromboli will be a regular on our Friday night dinner menu.  The outside was so crunchy, and the inside was soft and gooey.  I can’t wait to try this with other fillings.  I think a cheesesteak version with mushrooms and peppers would be delicious.  I’d also love to try a vegetarian one with eggplant.  The possibilities are endless.

Not only was this stromboli delicious, but it was also very budget-friendly.  I bought all of the ingredients for about five dollars.  There were even two pieces leftover, and my husband and I had them for lunch the next day.  It was equally delicious reheated.  I hope you get a chance to try this delicious recipe!

What are your favorite stromboli toppings?

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