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Top 5 Educational Gifts for Preschoolers

Every year at Christmas, my kids get tons of toys.  Their aunts, uncles, and grandparents buy them all kinds of dolls, action figures, and games.  My husband and I pick out a few fun things we know they will love.  Then, I wrap up some educational gifts for each of them.

As a teacher, I like to find gifts that will help my kids learn.   When J was learning his ABC’s a few years ago, I found some great educational gifts that really helped him learn them quickly.  Now, it’s Miss M’s turn.  I’ve purchased a few new fun items for her this year.  I thought I’d share with you my five favorite educational gifts to help your preschooler learn the letters and develop a love of reading.

Top 5 Educational Gifts for Preschoolers

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#1 – Learning Resources Alphabet Marks the Spot Floor Mat

J received the Learning Resources Alphabet Marks the Spot Floor Mat from Santa a few years ago.  Santa really wanted to make sure he was learning his letters.  It was one of his favorite gifts that year.  We started by just practicing letters.  We played it like Twister.  I would say a letter, and he would put a hand or foot on it.  Once he mastered his letters, we used it to identify beginning sounds in words.  He loved rolling the big dice and seeing the pictures.  Then, he would find the first letter of that word.  This game really helped him learn the letters and the sounds they make.  I can’t wait to start using it with Miss M.

#2 – ABC Robo Alpha Bots

J went through a phase where he absolutely loved Transformers.  When I saw these ABC Robo Alpha Bots, I knew I had to get them for him.  They are shaped like letters, but they transform into little robots.  These were by far his favorite gift that year.  He took them everywhere he went.  They went to visit his grandparents, to restaurants, and even in the bathtub.  The best part was that he was learning to spell words with them.  I would give him a word to spell, and then he would get to transform the letters if he spelled it correctly.  These “letter transformers” as we called them entertained him for hours!

#3 – Learning Resources Alphabet Soup Sorters

Purchasing the Learning Resources Alphabet Soup Sorters was one of my best decisions.  I purchased them as a birthday gift for J when he turned 3, but he wasn’t quite ready for them yet.  I saved them until Christmas that year.  When J’s Elf on the Shelf arrived, he delivered a can each day.  Each can contains the capital letter, the lowercase letter, and 5 picture cards of words that start with the letter.  Our crazy elf opened one can a day and hid the letters and pictures around our living room.  J had to find them and match the picture cards with the correct cans.  He absolutely loved it and looked forward to it each day.

#4 – LeapFrog Letter Factory Leaping Letters

I just bought the LeapFrog Letter Factory Leaping Letters game for Miss M for Christmas.  I was so excited when I saw it because it’s just like the game Perfection.  Perfection was one of my favorite games when I was little.  I loved the challenge of matching the shapes before the timer went off.  This version of the game uses letters instead of shapes, so I love that it will help her learn her letter names.  You can also use the letters to make words, so J can even practice his spelling with it.  I can’t say how much the kids like it yet, since it won’t be opened until Christmas.  However, I predict it will be a hit.

#5 – Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

In addition to all of the learning resources, I also always buy my kids some books as gifts.  We read every night before they go to bed.  The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit is a favorite of both J and Miss M.  It comes with the book Tickle Monster and special blue mitts to wear while you’re tickling your kiddos.  It’s so much fun!  Miss M listens while I read the whole book and tickle her.  Then, she puts the blue mitts on and tries to retell the story while tickling me.  This book is perfect for instilling a love of reading in your children.


If you’re looking for a present for a preschooler, you can’t go wrong with any of these educational gifts.  They are all lots of fun, and they will make your child love learning!

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